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Lots Of Snow Near Beardmore

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Lots Of Snow Near Beardmore Ontario


   I regularly watch Snowtrax TV and other associated snowmobiling shows and find them very informative, helping me to make the right decisions in all aspects of the sport.  It also gives you a chance to see what riding areas are out there, as well as the types of terrain.     Here in Greenstone, we are commonly known as the flat  landers, making me a little envious and jealous of other riding areas with hills and mountains. Yes,  for the most part we are in a flatland area, but we do have some pretty challenging riding areas here as well. Not currently accessible by a nicely groomed trail, Death Valley as we call it, has been a haven for local  snowmobiler for many years. It is located a few km’s west of Beardmore Ontario, on the TransCanada Pipeline right of way. With the Lake Nipigon effect, the MacDiarmid and Beardmore areas have  been known for years as having a much higher amount of snow than the surrounding area, also known as one of Canadas snow belts. One just needs to travel here in the winter to see that this stretch of Hwy 11, winding through the Palisades of The Pijitawabik, has a lot of snow.  It’s no wonder that Beardmore has the largest Snowman in Canada!     Death Valley is one of our off trail experiences you will enjoy and the need for a good powder machine is essential if you are  going to attempt to climb these hills.  Off trail riding is just something else we offer in our 2400 of Greenstone! But with any off trail travelling, extra care must be taken especially on the TransCanada Pipeline. Visit our web site for more info!     Michel Lafrance

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