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Make Your Snowmobile Perform Better With Options from Bikeman Performance


by Scott A. Sumner

    “ We are moving in Wisconsin to a new 17,000 square foot facility. It all started in my garage when we came out with a big bore kit for the Arctic Cat 700 engine. I put it in my own personal sled and then my brother wanted it and before you know it I had 50 motors in my garage. 6 months later I had 6 full time employees and we were going crazy building parts and developing new products.” smiled Erich Long, owner of Bikeman Performance.    Erich had worked previously for two companies in the sport,  Marv Jorgenson Chopper City Sports and Steve Houle of Speedwirks. “ Staring at 18 years old I worked on some pretty crazy equipment. Today we sell a lot of bolt on parts like light weight mufflers,  exhaust pipes,  clutch kits and cylinder heads. We do a lot of engine kits for Arctic Cat, Ski Doo and Polaris and now do 2 or 3 motors a day. Usually they send us their cylinders or the whole motor. We have a contract for the company Black Diamond which  is making 50 limited edition mountain sleds. We are putting out custom 900 engines in their custom built lightweight chassis.” said Long.     Everything at Bikeman is made right in house in the USA. It is all laser cut parts, ceramic coated and their heads are C & C machined. The company does retail sales and have a couple thousand dealers and some distributors. An example of a Bikeman product is for the 800 Arctic Cat engine. “  Some people want a light louder sound and other stainless steel with Kevlar that is 10 pounds lighter than stock and adds 2 to 3 HP but is quiet as well. The manufacturer make good mufflers but noise and emission standards makes it hard for them to meet the standards.We can do this as an aftermarket company.” said Long.


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