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Monster Energy Slednecks Invas

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Monster Energy Slednecks Invasion Tour


by Scott A. Sumner
It had been an exciting day of racing at the Amsoil Duluth Snocross. The sun was going down and the crowd of some 12,000 people were anxiously awaiting the appearance of the snocross freestyle riders known as the Slednecks. Right below my perch on the top of a large snow hill made for the race were two Monster Energy ramps side by side which
added to the anticipation. Soon out came the riders on Polaris and Arctic Cat sleds to put on a spectacular show of jumps including several back flips, the most dangerous of all tricks the Slednecks perform.
Chris Burandt is a Sledneck performance rider who loves riding snowmobiles. “ I started snowmobiling at age 6 in Colorado. Now back country riding is my number passion. I have a business called Burandt Back Country Adventure where people can come out and ride in the back country with me. We take more experienced people out and it is a full on adventure. Our sleds are 1000 cc with Speedwork components, fully modified.” said Chris Burandt.
The tricks from the Slednecks were awesome until one rider attempted a third back flip and didn’t land it well. He dislocated his shoulder landing a little rough on a back flip. “ That back flip is just a narly trick. He is real comfortable with the flip but didn’t quite get it perfect this time. I do back flips but it is really early in the season,” says Burandt. “ I like being on a snowmobile. I really love back country riding. The Slednecks keep me in the eye of the
sport. I was at the Toronto Snowmobile Show and got injured. I hit four jumps and then got hurt. I used to race Semi Pro at Duluth but am better at jumping than racing.”

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