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Montreal Supercross Exciting

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Montreal Supercross Exciting

by Scott A. Sumner

   When I arrived in Montreal after a Westjet flight, Via 1 rail trip  and car rental and read a newspaper there I realized how lucky I was going to be to see a stadium supercross race. My main purpose of the trip was to cover the 2007 President’s Cup Golf event which featured
Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Ernie Els to name a few. However I like to see a lot of a city and with a Montreal Canadians and Boston Bruins game and the Montreal night life downtown, the supercross was something exciting to see as well.

   The best way to go to the Big O Olympic Stadium I was told was by subway so I walked the one block from my excellent suite hotel The Cantlie Hotel on Sherbrooke Street to the Peele subway stop and was right in the Olympic Stadium some 20 minutes later. My first stop was
the media office to pick up a wrist band and then it was to the pit area to see the large number of motocross, ATV , dune buggy type vehicles and the motocross freestylers. These pits were located at field level adjacent to the main track.
    The first thing you notice at the Big O is that it is BIG. I was told the capacity is  64,000 people and  you could see they were  right. This  2007 Montreal Supercross was the 30th event in it’s history and is so popular it is almost a sell out every year. This year was no exception as there were wall to wall people everywhere in the food areas of the facility. The stands were filling up and looked almost full to me. Can you imagine 60,000 people there to watch an extreme dirt track with jumps in an enclosed huge stadium. It was a spectacle and the anticipation was high when the massive lazer light show began. The stands near the starting line where I were quickly filled with the team mechanics and family and the race action began.

     I was totally impressed with the air these motocross bikes would achieve. As well the ATV racers were spectacular to see up close in action. They also achieved huge air on the jumps. The Freestylers were a highlite of the show and made me cringe at times hoping to see them land each jump safely.
     It was a great event that I will remember when I am at the Duluth Snocross this November.

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