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Motorized Goggle Tear Off Syst

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Motorized Goggle Tear Off System designed with safety and convenience in mind…



Hanover, MDThe invention of the Motorized Goggle Tear Off System offers a creative concept for protective goggles that are designed for use by motocross racers and participants in sports and activities involving dirt biking, ATV riding, horseback riding, and skiers.  The Motorized Goggle Tear Off System is equipped with an electrically operated, replacement lens cartridge that would provide users with a better way to replace dirty lenses.  Eliminating the problem of obscured vision when dirt, dust, and debris cover the goggles, this invention would provide users with a quick, motorized cartridge of tear off lenses that can be quickly activated by the touch of a switch.

            The Motorized Goggle Tear Off System was invented by Tracy Snyder of Hanover, Maryland. He said, “With the activation switch located on the handlebars, my invention would ensure users are able to quickly and efficiently secure a clean lens without taking their hands away from the handlebars.  Designed to provide users with clean lenses during an entire race, the Motorized Goggle Tear Off System would offer greater safety by providing clearer vision and better perception.”                     

            To view a graphic of the Motorized Goggle Tear Off System, along with complete information on design features, advantages, benefits, target markets and distribution channels, go to the product website at or see the attached brochure. 

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