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New Crossfire

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New Crossfire Creates Excitement For Arctic Cat

By Scott A. Sumner
     "It is a challenge to pick the mix of sleds at a dealership each year with a little bit of guessing, prediction, some past history and looking at the new sleds that are coming out and the reaction they get from the public.  You have to hope you got it right,' states Randy Neufield, sales manager of Smiths RV Centre, Thunder Bay.  "We try and look at past history, but when you get an exciting model like the Crossfire, you put that into the equation and see if the rider will buy the sled and what they will move from.  We have had quite a few people who have ridden the Firecat take a keen interest in the Crossfire but we have also sold a lot of Firecats."
 The Crossfire was a mid season release for Arctic Cat last year and got some good reviews.  It is a great cross between the Mountain Cat and Firecat and great for the rider who does a lot of trail riding plus goes off into the deep powder.
They went to a 15 inch - 136 inch track on the Crossfire with 1 1/4 lug track.  The Firecat has a 13.5 inch wide by 128 inch track and lugs at 1or 1 1/4  depending on whether it is the the regular or Sno Pro model.  The Crossfire gives you more floatation with an adjustable ski stance so where ever you are riding you can narrow or widen the stance.  There are also the same engines used, 600 and 700.  The Crossfire is also now available in a Sno pro version with FOX float shocks.  It combines the shock and springs.  "From  what our customers last year tell us the shocks are amazing.  You  can adjust at the side of the trail with the air pump."  notes Neufield.  You can get  the Crossfire Sno Pro in green, black or orange.
 The 660 Touring is Arctic Cats 4 stroke motor.  They were the first to come out with the 4 stoke motor a few years ago.  The 660 motor is in more and more of their sleds now including the Bearcat, Panther and Turbo Touring.  In a turbo the power went from 53 HP to 110 HP so it gives more power.  "It you look at the outboard industry the 4 stroke has taken over the market.  Now they are working on making the snowmobile industry more effecient, states Neufield.  The 2 strokes still give a quicker power and work really good.  Arctic Cat has put in some exhaust sensors to clean up their two stroke motors.  The EFI 2 engine found on several models has an exhaust sensor.  It is more effecient."
  "We order all the sleds in March and April and the manufacturors build to that level.  We are the only Arctic Cat sled dealer in the Thunder Bay area and we have pumped up our inventory to take that challenge on,' notes Neufield.  "There are incentives for November 1 to 30 - a liquid sled gets a 3 warranty or 2 year warranty plus 0% interest for 12 monthes. On fan cooled its a two year warranty or 12 monthes interest free.

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