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New High Tech Snowmobile Boot-

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New High Tech Snowmobile Boot- Light!

by Scott A. Sumner
  At North Country Cycle & Sports, Thunder Bay you can find a new snowmobile boot- Technowear from a company called CKX. “It is the lightest snowmobile boot on the market right now. They are super warm and rated for minus 85 degrees celsius and use a product called prima for insulation technology  which is earth friendly and performance comfort providing superior warmth, water resiliency and light weight,” said Randy Neufeld of North Country Cycle & Sports. “ We brought in a few last year, did well and this year we brought in quite a few more  and they are moving very quickly.”

   Many people like them because you don’t get fatigued as easily in comparison with some other snowmobile boots which can be quite heavy says Neufeld. If you are trudging through some deeper snow you end up less fatigued. These boots are as light as most running shoes.  Most boots today are warm but these boots are very light as well.     The Technowear by CKX is a good value at $119.99 at North Country Cycle & Sports. Go in and find out for yourself how light they are!

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