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Nova Scotia Native Wins Cains

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Nova Scotia Native Wins Prestigious

 Cains Quest Event


by Scott A. Sumner

   Jean Guy Aucoin from Cheticamp, Nova Scotia and his partner Steve Girard won the 2012 Cains Quest after 4 previous tries.  The team rode  2011 Ski Doo Freeride 800 sleds complete with  2012 motors. The race was 2730 Kms over 4 days with layovers. This year the conditions were easier and got to 8 celsius plus.

   “ We were the lead team  and stayed ahead and kept moving. It is 2 man time and you stay together and finish together. The first year you go to Labrador it is overwhelming,” said Jean Guy Aucoin.  He had his first snowmobile at age 10, a 1989 Citation 300 and since then has owned 27 machines.  Jean Guy Aucoin is  a ship captain of a dive boat and works in the far east 6 weeks in and 6 weeks off in the oil fields  on a service boat doing underwater surveys.

    “ I was racing sno cross and cross country since 1986 and that is where I met my partner, Steve Girard  who has  been a factory racer in Quebec. When snocross got really high with the jumps we stuck to cross country.” smiled Aucoin.

     The Canadian team won Cain's Quest by 42 minutes  even after a 45 minute penalty near the end. This year they won HCR Arctic Cats and some money  totalling about $30,000. It does cost about $15 to 20,000 to do the race over the value of your equipment according to Aucoin. “  We would like to go to the Alaska Iron Dog race and there is no Cains Quest this year. We want to go to Alaska this year if we get the sponsors.” said Aucoin.


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