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Power, Performance and Innovation Define the
  2019 Polaris Snowmobile


With the launch of its model year 2019 Snow lineup, Polaris® unveiled the next generation of RMK®, Switchback®, RUSH®, INDY® and TITAN™ snowmobiles, along with Timbersled® snow bikes. From the all-new Polaris 850 Patriot™ engine, to the INDY 129, to the Timbersled ARO 120 SX and ST 93 Ripper, the 2019 Polaris Snow lineup is loaded with exciting new models and innovative technology to drive vehicle performance, power and agility.
“With an unwavering focus on quality and performance, Polaris continues to innovate and offers options for all riders who want to have fun in the snow.”
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“Our riders are some of the most passionate, hard-working people in the world and our 2019 Snow lineup is purpose-built for them. There’s something new for everyone, from those who are looking to traverse the mountain on our RMK or want the versatility and high trail perfrmance of our new INDY 129, to those who want to explore as a family thanks to our INDY EVO,” said Chris Wolf, president of Snow, Poaris. “With an unwavering focus on quality and performance, Polaris continues to innovate and offers options for all riders who want to have fun in the snow.”

Introducing the Most Powerful Polaris Snowmobile Engine Ever, The Polaris 850 Patriot
• Nine percent gain in horsepower vs. the already powerful Polaris 800 H.O. engine
• Industry-leading power-to-weight ratio with up to a nine percent advantage over the competition
The Polaris 850 Patriot engine features class-leading durability, backed by a standard four-year warranty. The new liquid-cooled 850 twin delivers unrivaled acceleration, response and power. This new engine is
available in select models across the 2019 RMK, Switchback, RUSH and INDY lineups exclusively through Polaris’ SnowCheck spring pre-order program.

INDY XC 129 and INDY SP 129: Built for Trail Performance & Versatility• Next-generation PRO-CC Rear Suspension for smooth riding, class-leading acceleration and flat cornering• Quick conversion from solo seating to 2-up seating

Earlier this year, Polaris introduced the world to the INDY EVO™, a trail-ready sled for new riders, and is further expanding the INDY family with the all-new INDY XC 129 and INDY SP 129. These versatile
new models are built on the proven, lightweight AXYS® Chassis and introduce the all-new PRO-CC 129 Rear Suspension that provides trail riders with the outstanding ride, acceleration and versatility they

I talked to Dustin Krezonski of J and J Sports, Thunder Bay

The new 850 engine!

“ The new 850 Patriot engine was released  this spring and is only available for Snow Check. It’s been 4 years in the making and Polaris wanted to make sure everything is  tip top and perfect before releasing
it to the public. It has been through so much testing. We were just down at the show in Orlando and got to talk one on one with the engineers that designed the motor. It comes standard with a 4 year warranty right out of the gate, so you know Polaris is confident with the motor. The motor is 9% more power than the previous 800 and very quick in acceleration.”

Indy XC!

“ The new Indy XC 850 has a 129 inch track and will fill a specific market for those who want the standard tunnel. You can add a two up seat that can snap on easily if you want.”
EVO sled!
“ The EVO sled is for younger riders and beginners. It has a 550 fan engine which  has been electronically governed down to a 50 MPH top speed, lowered and narrowed with smaller seat, a longer throttle and you can get electric start. It fills a new market beyond the small kids sleds we have currently.”

How was your season at J& J Sports?

“Polaris wants to stay on top with the best product and service and take care of their customers and get them on the snow or dirt as fast as possible. Snow Check has been going  very well and the season has
been great with a good assortment of sleds going out to our customers.”


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