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Kent Ipsen Wins Duluth

By Scott A. Sumner
  Kent Ipsen made his team Ohlah Racing as well as Arctic Cat proud when he scored the first big win of the snocross season at the Duluth National Opener.  "I raced for 6 seasons as a snocross racer," says the 5 11 185 pound 27 year old Ipsen who lives in a small town 55 miles from Chicago. Ipsen owns a Dairy Queen, right on the Wisconsin border, 20 minutes from Lake Geneva.  "I close that up at the end of October and this is what I do in the winter time.  I started off with Ski Doo ntil 2001 when I switched to Cat," smiles Ipsen.  "I missed the whole 2002 season because of a knee injury."  The new  Arctic Cat Sno Pro sled is more rider friendly according to Ipsen who was very busy doing rehab last summer.  "I rode a  dirt bike almost every day last summer.  I also like to run and lift weights," says Ipsen. 
     "I feel that we are a team at Arctic Cat  and have a really good chance of being on top all the time.  We are really close to what the Ski Doo sled has and maybe even a little bit better, we'll see," says Ipson.  "I definiately love riding snowmobiles.  Racing gives you a lot of competition and it keeps you going.  You can't hold anything back otherwise you shouldn't be out there.  I have been hurt so you dont do stupid things.  Most racers who are out there arent idiots.  You wouldn't be fast if you were an idiot."    Ipsen went to high school and two years of college and then got into the racing.  I went after my Dairy Queen.  My wife is a physical therapist so she stretched me out last night.  I think Morgan will always be a threat.  Kuster is fast and the Crapos and team Amsoil.  Kohanski looked good out there last night," says Ipsen.  "I wouldn't race for any other team than Team Ohlah because they support you so much."

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