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Robbie Malinoski

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Robbie Malinoski of Team Olah Is Ready For A WPSA Championship

by Scott A.Sumner
     24 year old Robbie Malinoski of Team Olah is from Humboldt, Saskatchewan, a town of 5000 people.  He started racing in 2000 near home, in 2001did a national at Fargo and in 2002 Robbie did the whole national circuit.  His dad owns a farm equipment dealership and also sells Arctic Cats and mom just opened up her own funeral home.  This is his fourth year on Team Olah and last year was the first as a pro.  Malinoski did the most with his season with 5 national pro wins.  "We had some break downs through out the year that meant I finished fourth and fifth in the points.  It was a learning year and we got a lot out of it so I wouldnt take anything back.  Hopefully this year well come out on top,' smiles Malinoski.  "This is my full time job.  In the summer I race dirt bikes.  I grew up about a hour from Blair Morgan and he has been a friend of mine for awhile.  Riding with him has brought me up a level.  Obviously he is the best in the world so you have to look up to him.  I don't practice with him so much on snowmobiles but on dirt bikes in the summer.
       "You learn over the years of racing by getting the confidence on the track that you don't really think injury much At first it was intimidating coming into the first corner at Duluth and the first jump, but you learn to put yourself in a good position and go from there,' notes Malinoski.  "I have had a few minor injuries but nothing that has kept me out for long.  I do fitness including  lifting weights and cardio.  You base it on how you are feeling.  If you are tired there is no point pushing it and putting yourself in a bigger hole.  You play off your body feedback.  I do some running and the pedal bike.  You want to stay strong and not break down mentally half way through a race.  You want to stay strong in your head.  That is the biggest thing I think."
     "I am a little bigger than the average snocross racer so I have an advantage.  I  can lose a little on the start but on the track you can take a little bit harder hit than the average guy for sure, says the 5 ft 11 inches, 200 pound Malinoski.  It is a great sport with a lot of action.  I grew up with snowmobiles but never really dreamed of racing so I just started in 200.  I felt wow I could really go ahead with it and do something.  The competitive side of trying to get top the top or stay at the top is a lotta fun.  There is some heavy competition on the track.  In the past it was Blair and Tucker but now there are 5 of 6 guys who can win.  Its more exciting for the fans."
  "Kirk Hibbert is good for technical advice and for anything suspension Kirk is number one.  He built the sled from the ground up so he knows.  He is right there to help you out,' smiles Malinoski.  "The plan with the new WPSA people is to up the imaging of the sport.  It is great, exciting to take it to the next level and have some good races.  You can make a good living in the sport depending on your sponsors and which avenue you take.  You get paid a salary and race for bonuses.  If you have a good year you can make some money."
How does Robbie like the 2006 SnoPro.
  "The sled is really good this year.  They did some structural improvements which helped stiffened the sled.  Last year there were some issues with the chassis flexing. It benefits me 100%.'  smiles Robbie Malinoski.

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