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Robbie Malinoski Rides Yamaha

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Last Years Pro Stock and Pro Open Series Champion Robbie Malinoski Rides Yamaha This Season

By Scott A. Sumner
The 2005/2006 season was a great year for you Robbie. "Yeah the year went well. We had a real consistent, strong year and knew our goal.   We stayed on track and didnt do anything out of the ordinary and won two championships.
Why did you move to the new  Boss Racing Yamaha team for this season?
 "It was an opportunity  with Yamaha that I took  with open arms. Im very excited to be part of Team Yamaha and cant wait to really get this thing to where I know it can be. We havent had a ton of time for testing yet   as there has been only 5 riding days at Planet X."

How do you like the Yamaha snocross Pro Open sled?
   "It's good. We need to work on some things but I dont think we are totally out of the picture yet. Well see next round. If we have a little more luck and are a little better prepared it will be fun. The 4 stroke engine has a lot of torque. It is a matter of getting used to that power and using it to its advantage. That just takes some time. It is a 973 Nytro motor,  a 3 cylinder 4 stroke. The motor is pretty much stock. There is nothing exciting about the engine yet modification wise but we will change in the future. There will be lots of development. We will have a new approach going into the next weekend for sure and be better as a team making the right changes for the machine."

How do you feel about bringing a new sled along after being series Champion last year?
  "Absolutely. It is R & D and something that I signed up for, I love it. The team is housed out of Winnipeg. I got an invite from ESPN to the X games. Next year whether we have a stock sled is up in the air still. I am on a multi year contract.

How was the Duluth race for you?
' The track was tight, rough and there was not a lot of room for anything. It was a little bit of a headache but everyone has to race the same track so no problem. It is what it is.We know we have the power, we have to get used to it and learn it."
At the beginning of the summer Malinoski got injured on his dirt bike and had to heal up from that. He has been doing acceleration training in Minneapolis.Look for continual improvement from this team.

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