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Ross Martin Hopes

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Ross Martin Hopes for a Championship Snocross Season


 by Scott A. Sumner

    Last year was a good one for Judnick Motorsports rider Ross  Martin. The 28 year old rider finished second in the season long  points championship with some great wins.

“ The season went pretty well with some ups and downs for the most  part. It ended pretty strong and we are looking forward to start this  year the same as late last year,” said Ross Martin during an  interview in the team hauler at the Duluth season opener.  “ We had a  few glitches last year but are looking forward to being in the hunt  again this year.  The second last race last season in Elk River hurt  the most. Something electrical broke in my snowmobile when I was  running second so I didn’t finish. There are so many good competitors  you have to stay consistent to win the championship.”

   Ross started riding snowmobiles when he was 15 and  began racing  snowmobiles with Judnick in 2004.  He started in semi pro for 1 1\2  years and then moved up to pro.

   “ It has been an awesome career. I can’t complain about anything.  We have awesome equipment and it is a blast. It is how well you take  care of yourself and how many times you have been hurt that will  determine how long you can keep doing it. There are some young kids  coming up but I feel as strong as I have ever been, maybe even a  little bit better. You want to stay on top of the fitness all the  time.” said Martin.

   Ross races motocross in the summer and is a fast guy locally but  not nationally. His background racing motocross along with  determination, staying focused and making sure he is the best he can  be has made Ross Martin successful.  “  It is pretty cool be able to  do both sports of motocross and snowmobiling but with the  snowmobiling being able to travel all over is fun and the competition  is pretty tight.”

    The Polaris race sled used by Ross Martin is pretty bullet proof  and has been refined over the years. “ It is pretty top notch now.  There is some new young competition coming but they are still pretty  young and have some things to learn. I couldn’t ask for a better  team. They take care of me 110% and we get along so well,” said  Martin. “  Both mentally and physically racing takes a lot out of  you. You have to be prepared with the sled, be confident and mentally  know you can run up front. My goal is to get on the podium each and  every race, try to win as many as we can and take over the points  championship.”

   Ross Martin will race the full 2012/2013 ISOC National schedules,  the Winter X Games and Eagle River Derby this season.

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