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Shaun Crapo

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Shaun Crapo Is The  Arctic Cat Heir Apparent

By Scott A. Sumner
   Shaun Crapo started snowmobiling at age 7 in his home town of 3700 people, St Anthony, Idaho.  "I started racing at 12 in junior," says Shaun Crapo.  "I rode Polaris until this year.  Last year was my first year as a Pro."  The previous year, 2001/2002, in Semi Pro, Crapo won the Open Championship and was 2nd or 3rd in Stock.    Last year at Duluth the young racer broke his leg; a spiral fracture in the fibula bone.  "I was in a cast for a week so I could get back and only missed one race last year.  I'm excited about taking over for Tucker on the Arctic Cat factory team with Kirk Hibbert.  The guys are great to work with, they are smart," smiles Crapo.  The AC sled is a really awesome sled.  I think its the best sled I've ever ridden, with many  improvements from last year."
     Shaun Crapo is a full time professional snocross racer.  He also races dirt bikes and works a little on the family potato  farm.  He  graduated last year from high school.  His schedule is mostly about racing all year round.  "I mostly ride dirt bikes, run and lift weights to stay in shape," says Crapo.  "I stay in Brainerd near the Russ Ebert shop.  We drive to most of the races.  Arctic Cat has treated me really well providing two 440 and 2 mod sleds."
      Crapo  will be riding on a practice track near his home during the season and at Quadna, the WSA Race facility.  "Last year was my first real  injury. I don't really worry  about  injury and I try not to think of it," says Crapo.  "Last year it  was rider error.  I over jumped and landed in a big hole."  Canterbury is his favourite track.  "I always do well there.  It's a long set up," notes Crapo.  "My goal is to win both PRO championships as well as the X Games."  In his spare time the recently married Crapo likes hanging out with his buddies, hunting  and fishing.

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