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Ski Doo Comes Out With Another Leading Sled of 05, the 1000cc Mach Z

By Scott A. Sumner

   Wade Mcdonald is Regional After Sales Manager for Bombardier Recreational Products, based in Winnipeg.  "My territory is from Ontario to Vancouver.  My job is mainly dealer profitability, helping the dealers operate to ensure that the processes and procedures in their dealerships are of a higher standard.  We want to take our whole dealer network  to a higher lever and in the end get us better customer satisfaction."  said Wade McDonald.
      "The recent buy out of Ski Doo has been a really good thing for us.  Also the season has been good for us.  If we would have had better snow conditions in some areas it would have been phenomenal.  The amount of customers coming over from Yamaha, Polaris and Arctic Cat has been huge.  These are changes we haven't seen in years and for the most part it is because of  the REV chassis.  It is truly a new way to ride.  It allows some of us older riders, where our bodies cant take the pounding, to get back on the trails and enjoy the sport we love.  The REV has made the difference.  We had some challenges through no snow but even with no snow we still had good sell through with a lot of the dealers.  Our carry over is lower than the year before and that was projected.  That's what we wanted to accomplish for this year.  You can sell 600 sleds in a market area or a 100.  It depends on market share in a given market.  One could have 95% of the market while another has 50% penetration in a area."  said McDonald.
   "Nimageew this year we have the the return of the Mach Z.  It is still the REV chassis but its another version of the REV.  It has to be a little larger because we a putting in a 1000cc 164 HP engine.  It is about 50 pounds lighter than our old Mach Zs, which is huge when you talk power to weight ratio.  It is still a little over 500 pounds.  The Mach Z is not a really hard core ditch banging sled  like the MXz.  It is more of a lake cruiser, high speed, top end machine. We have moved the handlebars back slightly."  said McDonald.  "The Mach Z with the RT chassis is the new frame to handle the higher HP.   We had to put a little more strength.  The construction is wider and longer with more castings and features built right into the frame rather than adding on.  The heat exchanger is not bolted into the tunnel, it is part of the tunnel.  We also have the mounting bracket for the clutch as cast which helps us to reduce weight.  The big overall improvements is the new sc 4 suspension.  That suspension has been designed and built from the ground up to work better with the REV chassis.  The older suspension, the SC10 and SC 3s, were great suspensions but they were still a conversion of.  The Mach Z will be the only sled to have the new SC4 this year but chances are it will start to roll into the other REV chassiss soon.  The skid frame came from the race department.  It will give us a lot better with transfer for this chassis, a little less bucking off the back end when you come off hills.  Also the overall chassis a more laid back feel.  We brought the handlebars back 2 1/2 inches.'  said McDonald.  "The  1000cc e 2 cycle engine is all new from the ground up.  It is a  motor controlled RAVE system, so rather than just be operated on vacuum it is motor driven.  It really is a motor in there that controls the opening and closing.  It's how we open up our RAVE.  Everyone has power valves, but this one is an electric motor that opens it exactly when we want.  We used to use a single guillitine that would open up and close the main exhaust port we also the auxiliary exhaust port.  We now have three guillitines per cylinder so we are high tech.  We also have a decompressor on these cylinders as well.  We have had to increase the reliability of that clutch, by putting some strength back into it because of the 1000 cc engine.  The outer casting havent been cut back.  We had to maintain some extra weight to gain strength.  Some of the components are now steel and the ramps are a more hardened steel that before.  The sporing cap is a full cap rather than having some cutaways in it.  Before we over engineered it at the start.  It was indestructible and from there we refined it and reduced weight as much as possible.  Now because we pumped up the horsepower so much we had to go back and put some with strength back.  There is the elite group of consumers who want to be king of everything.  That s what the 2005 Mach Z is designed to be."
    "The take over of the recreational division of Ski Doo has really gone over well.  The changeover went well right from the beginning.  The Bombardier family where going to stay in it which was good.  We are happy."  smiles McDonald.

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