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Ski Doo Back With Great Line

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Ski Doo Back With Great Line Up for 2013


by Scott A. Sumner

   For 2013 Ski Doo has introduced 2 new platforms. The Rev XM platform for the mountain rider and the REV XS platform for the Renegade and trail rider.  “ We looked at the last platform and made changes to take the next step forward.” said Steve Cowling, PR and Media Relations Manager for Ski Doo snowmobiles and is based in the Minneapolis area. “  The T motion and a Flex Edge track are on the XM platform to make it easier for the mountain rider to put the sled on edge and hold it there which is a very important maneuver for the hills. You need to be able to pivot and turn quickly in fresh snow. The REV XS is the trail version and we were looking for better wind protection and improving the shape of the hood  ergonomically to get around on the sled. In 2008 we brought out the REV XP, which has pretty much been the standard for everyone. It is super light weight, very rigid and handles just like it is on rails.”

   The engine line up at Ski Doo is the same as last year with their 600 and 800 ETEC’s, two mainstays. The 1200 4 tec is only available in the REV XR  because it takes a little bit bigger platform to house the 4 stroke 3 cylinder. The 600 ETEC is the largest selling engine on the North American continent according to Cowling. It has great performance, power per cc, extremely good fuel economy, oil economy and is virtually bullet proof. The nice clean throttle response and economy is what really sells the people. The run quality is so good they just want to be on this sled noted Cowling.

  “ The lack of snow hurt us a little bit but overall Ski Doo gained some market share so overall it was a pretty good year. We continue to see real good interest in the mountain segment so it has become a bit of a focus. There is always snow somewhere in North America, it just moves around a bit. There will be snow and people will find it because snowmobiling is a sport that is addictive and they will go,” smiled Steve Cowling. “  It is a combination of the best part of motorcycling and if you ride in the mountains it is like being on a watercraft combined with the motorcycle. The dynamics of the sport is it really keeps people attached because there is really no other sport like it.”

  In 2012 Tim Trembley wins the ISOC for Ski Doo.  They had wins in the Cain's Quest and the Iron dog. It was a good year. “ The ISOC series is great with excellent TV coverage and they have done a good job at bringing it to the next level, “ said Cowling. “ I hope everyone gets out and enjoys the sport this year and we have great snow. If you don’t have snow don’t be afraid to put your sled on a trailer and have a good time.”


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