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Ski Doo E TEC Versus 4TEC ?

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Ski Doo E TEC Versus 4Tec ?


by Scott A. Sumner
     The residents of Thunder Bay we given the chance to ride 2009  Ski Doo snowmobiles featuring new technology and only one of two  locations in Ontario this past weekend. The goal was to get people  interested in the sport on the sleds with some new engine technology.
      "We started in Quebec and have been in Valcourt at the Grand  Prix and then north to Saskatchewan ,Falcon Lake Manitoba here in  Thunder Bay and next will go to Barrie. We will see if we have snow  left for the rest of the tour," said JC Rodridue, Tour Manager for the 
Ski Doo Winter Demo Tour. "We have 9 sleds with us  that include the 4  TEC and ETEC engines. Everyone loves the new engines . We have  awesome suspensions as well,  that are the best in the industry in my  opinion. That is where our sleds really shine. With the new engines I  dont see why you would go to another brand this year. "  


  " For 2010 we have line up refinement  including a return of the  XRS package. There are no new platforms but we introduced a new  Tundra on the REV XU platform. The Renegade is a line of its own now  as well. There are two types of Renegade riders, those that go on 
trail and those that go off trail. We decided to split the segment  into  a Renegade Backcountry and Renegade Trail. One bridges bumps  and one goes off trail," said Rodridue. " It has been good in Thunder  Bay. The weather is a little warm but it is fun."
      There  were  two locations in Ontario Thunder Bay and Barrie  chosen for this Ski Doo Demo tour. The goal is to provide experience  on the new technologies Ski Doo has, and showcase the ETEC 600 engine  and the 1200 4TEC 4 stroke engine. " We spent a considerable amount of  time and money letting the public know about this event with radio 
and newspaper advertising and phoning people  along with emails  asking people to come out and try the sleds," said Frank Vettraino,  Controller and Manager, Recreational Products at Gordons Trailer  Sales, Thunder Bay.  " One of the biggest complaints we have heard is I 
wish I could ride the machine before I buy and this is a perfect  opportunity to get customers on the machines.  This is no other  manufacturers doing this that I know about. The ride is about 20  minutes near our Gordons Trailer site."

    Gordons Trailer Sales has done well this year considering the  economic conditions according to Frank Vettraino. "In 2010 Ski Doo is  no Tundra with the 300 engine and the Renegade is a separate line up  with two models. You can order early and get exactly what you want  with special programs including the spring order only X package." said  Vettraino.

   My favourite sled of the Ski Doo's I was able to ride was the 2009 MXZ 600 ETEC 50Th Anniversary edition. The generous use of yellow reminded me of my first snowmobile , a 1969 Ski Doo  Olymic 12.3. At the recent 50th anniversary celebebrations at Valcourt I was able to ride that very sled. Ski Doo has come a long! way since then. I was very impressed with the 600 ETEC engine. It has excellent acceleration and speed. This is a great engine and perhaps the future of 2 stroke snowmobile engines.

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