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2016 Sled For Eternity Ride

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Sled For Eternity Ride Big Success


by Scott A. Sumner

   Despite rainy above freezing weather the 3rd annual Teen Challenge  Sled for Eternity ride went off well on February 20, 2016 in ThunderBay. Rider numbers were down substantially from 160 to 80 but funds  raised were up which made organizers happy.


  “ The 3rd Annual Teen Challenge very year gets better and raised  more and more money for our ongoing operations. The weather was tough  and we had two awesome charities with a ride on the same day this  year. It just happened this way but next year we won’t be on the same  day so we can both prosper,” said Robby Ahuja Director of Adult &  teen Challenge Thunder Bay with head office in Winnipeg and women’s  home in Brandon. “ Today we have raised just over $50,000 for Teen  Challenge over $8000 more than last year. We don’t receive any  government funding and our important car donation program with the  price of steel down this year meant this is desperately needed money  that God provides. The Thunder Bay people that come out seem very  happy, are engaged, appreciate us and we appreciate them.”
   Next year Robby is looking for a bigger and better event. Their  next major fundraising event is a marathon golf tournament that will  be held at Whitewater Golf Club June 12th. The golf event is  different as it is a 36-golf marathon with a minimum pledge of $500  required and gets 40 golfers with more in the future they hope.

   We are launching a new women’s ministry with a small group that  meets every Thursday. We hope to have a Teen Challenge for women  right here in Thunder Bay with the goal to have a home for women here  as well. Our women’s home in Brandon, Manitoba currently has a 
waiting list of over 1 year.,” said Robby.

    In Thunder Bay Teen Challenge currently have a home at  401Syndicate Ave South.  They help men with life controlling  additions with a live in program. Teen Challenge also performs out  patient services at churches, jails and with small men's groups.  Currently there are 14 men living at the Thunder Bay Teen Challenge. 

Their contact is 345-2277 for more information.


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