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Snocross Racer Levi Lavallee

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Snocross Racer Levi Lavallee Hopes For A Healthy Season


 by Scott A. Sumner

     Last season was one of highs and lows for one of snowmobiles  most popular figures, Levi Lavallee. He started the year with a world  record snowmobile jump over open water at San Diego, California.  Shortly after that he broke his leg and missed much of the season.  Everything is healed up well now and it was fun to sit down with Levi  at the Haydays event and ask him some questions about his upcoming  season.


  The Red Bull No Limits Distance jump went well for you this year after a crash the year before!


  The New Years No Limits jump was incredible. We had been working on  that project for two seasons. The first season we were able to go out  and break the record with 361 feet. The next jump I had a carburetion  problem that resulted in a huge crash. I am super excited that I was  able to make it through that and come back the second year. Polaris  stepped up huge and built us an 800 fuel injected mod motor and it  was awesome. It was just flawless which allowed me to build  confidence and from that point it was to New Years where we were able  to jump 412 feet.


How did it feel flying a snowmobile 412 feet over water?


Probably the scariest thing was walking up to the top the ramp and  seeing how far it was to clear the jump. That is a lot water. It was  pretty nerve racking hitting 111 MPH at over 90 feet of ramp. You  think to yourself is this the right thing to do but Red Bull made  sure everything was spot on. All I had to do was execute the jump.  Right now I don’t have any other jumps planned but it is just a  matter of time before I get the urge to do something silly again! It  was pretty nerve racking. I?was fortunate to make it through the  first crash.


This season will have a different focus for you Levi?


Right now I just want to go racing and do my freestyle stuff at the X  Games. Last season I had the first race in Duluth and then did the  News Year’s jump and raced Canterbury. I broke my tibia practicing  the next week for X Games in the foam pit at home. The bone split it  all the way down to my ankle joint so they had to put it back  together and put in a rod. It was 5 months before they turned me  loose to do stuff again. I?eased into it with dirt bikes and wake  board. I rode the wood chip track at home on snowmobiles and it felt  good.


What will be your schedule this season?


It will be a very busy schedule with the full ISOC races, ?X Games  and if we throw in any other races in the mix like Eagle River. We  have some consumer rides coming up with Polaris as well. It is busy  but at the end of the season it is riding snowmobiles, which is a  good winter. I love riding the sled. We are fortunate to be able to  do that for a living. When you are out there pounding laps at 20  below and you’re thinking man this is not ideal I just remember when  you were running a shovel excavating. It is a heck of a lot better  that that. When you don’t want to get up in the morning and work out  well you remember could be running a shovel.


Who will be on the Levi Lavallee team this year?


We have Jake Scott and Kyle Palin a new Pro Rider who is a super good  guy. I?will be in freestyle at X Games as well as snocross and  potentially another rider will be there as well so it will be good.  Bobby Lepage will not be on the team this year. He is a great guy but  decided to go a different direction but he is super guy.  The younger  riders are 18 and 21 and I turned 30 so it is fun seeing these young  guys.


What do you think of the 2013 Polaris race sled?


The Polaris sled it awesome. It is literally bullet proof. We have  put that sled through everything but it keeps going. The performance  is excellent and proven. It keeps getting better each year and I  really believe in that sled and have a lot of confidence because we  know it works and it is always there for you.


There will be many Polaris sleds at the Levi compound?

I?have a fair amount to sleds with the different riders, freestyle,  snocross and distance sleds. This year I am actually getting some  Polaris trail sleds (Indy and Rush) so I?can move around to the  compound. I ‘m looking forward to that. It will be pretty much a  semi load to deliver them here!


We wish Levi good luck for a successful season. See my video interview with Levi as well on this site.




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