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Steve Houle of Speedwerx Ready

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Steve Houle of Speedwerx Ready for the New Cats

by Scott A. Sumner
   Former racer and owner of performance aftermarket aompany Speedwerx wants to make your sled ride faster. Each year his company  builds all the mod motors for the Arctic Cat Pro riders in the ISOC series.
“  We like all the new sleds from Arctic Cat a lot but it is a  challenge in the after market business because everything has to be  re tooled, redesigned and re fit. We are used to having a few models  change but not the whole fleet so it has been a challenge getting it 
all done but it is coming along nicely,” said Steve Houle owner of  Speedwerx.

   Speedwerx will also help the average consumer with their performance  needs. “ We will offer clutching to improve the performance, single  pipe exhaust systems and all the normal after market parts you can  expect. The new muffler for the Procross sled will allow you to take  off 10 to 12 pounds just but changing that out and it still has a  nice quiet sound level just a throatier sound to it. The 800 engine  already is an awesome engine with a nice broad smooth power delivery  but lots of power. They really go,” said Houle. “ The sky’s the  limit from a light weight muffler all the way up to a super charger  kit which takes it up to 210 HP on pump gas.  Cost effective wise are  the clutch kits, the lightweight mufflers and then people can go up.  If you increase the power you need to increase the fuel flow also,  which means a fuel controller.  There is porting, head work just  depending on the type of riding you do, You can start with a muffler  around $200 and go up to a supercharger kit at $6000.”


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