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Amsoil Scheuring Speed Sports Enjoy Snocross Racing

By Scott A. Sumner
     There was lots of commotion trackside during a heat racer in Pro Stock at The Amsoil Duluth National Snocross. Racer D.J Eckstrom was hit by a lesser known rider and thrown off the Polaris sled.
" DJ is fine. He had a couple scratches on his leg. It is unfortunate because our other rider Shaun Crapo would have been top qualifier and DJ number 4 but a lesser skilled driver landed on him and both have to run LCQ. Thats racing," noted Steve Scheuring owner of the Amsoil Scheuring Speed Sports snocross team as well as the practice track facility Planet X in MN.
       "Planet X opened November 4 this year. We started making snow on October 11th and left it in piles. Every opportunity we had we made more snow, then groomed it and had a killer track. This has been the best year in our history for making snow.  We have had cold nights and updated our snowmaking equipment," notes Scheuring.  "We have had an average of 80 people per day on the track  and for the last week a lot juniors. It will help everyone be better prepared for the first race and hopefully not get hurt. It is hard when people have all this race equipment and they cant ride unless they come to a race. They get frustrated because they dont have the practice or testing and may lose interest."
    Scheuring is a firm supporter of the sport.  "If you look at this parking lot in Duluth it is pretty dang full with race teams.When the sport came in to being a lot of people said lets give it a try.  Some came, some went and it  has leveled off at a certain number," informs Scheuring.  "I think the sport is still strong. We probably have more rigs than ever before (24 haulers) and more than most motocross races do.I feel pretty good about it."
   This season is the last for the traditional 440 engine in the stock classes as next year all will have to use a stock 600 engine.
   "Polaris built new sleds this year. I think the only one that didnt is Arctic Cat. It will be the same with 600 engines but take a couple of months for everyone to figure out what works the best. The 600 will be a little faster on the track. It will also help the cost of the sport because of the commonality of the parts between the mod and stock sleds," states Scheuring.
" We are doing many things on the sled I cant talk about right now. We started out with a black look and many emulated  us so we went with a different blue this year to maintain our independence. We have a great team and Im looking for a lot of wins and a run at the championships. We are right there every year."
    Look for the WPSA snocross series to be broadcast on a new network this year, the SPEED Channel.  "The speed channel will give us consistent times on the weekend. SPEED has a following of many fans.We will not be a shoulder program, but  the main event on the weekends. It will be great for the sponsors and will bring in  other fans from say Nascar."
   "Everyday is like Saturday for me except for Sunday." laughed Steve Scheuring!

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