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Steve Scheuring’s Amsoil Team

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Steve Scheuring’s Amsoil Team Ready For

 A Great Season

by Scott A. Sumner

     Steve Scheuring  is the owner of the Amsoil US Air Force Rock Star Energy Drink Makita Snocross Team  that he started  in 1998. “ We were the first true independent team  to show up on the scene with a big Nascar style trailer  with pit gear and  pit shirts. Each year we were a trendsetter  starting with the trailer, the clothing  and the snowmaking equipment.  We are the leader in the sport in terms of innovations,”said Steve Scheuring. “ We were with Polaris for 8 years and previous to that with Ski Doo for 23 years and are coming home to Ski- Doo this year. I have known the guys at Ski Doo for 30 some years and I really like their equipment. The opportunity came up with Jeff Goodwin being the race director,  for us to get back on Ski Doo. It was a real good fit for us so I jumped at the opportunity. There are three great brands out there racing now and they all have good sleds and good support. I have known the guys at the Ski Doo Race shop  and raced again Jeff in the oval racing days so it is like an old school going
     Steve Scheuring raced the Ski Doo twin tracks back in the 80’s and early 90’s. In 94 to 96 he worked for the Yamaha factory snocross team. Ski Doo was looking for teams so he jumped in  with his  own team and the first year won the gold medal at the X Games and 2nd and 3rd in the points championship. “ I love the Ski Doo sled . It is by far the most technology advanced sled  that we have seen out there. We have been running them for about a month hard now and haven’t had any major failures or issues.” said Scheuring.
    “ This is our 13th year with Amsoil and our contract is to 2014 so
it is a pretty cool deal. Running a team is expensive as you have got $700,000 to $800,000 just in your transporter. We have a shop on 19 acres in Aurora that has  7 snow making guns,  two groomers, full in house machining capabilities and a  full test track. It is really
similar to Nascar. We have a stable of about 14 snowmobiles that we race between the two Pro guys and the semi Pro guy's  and  their practice sleds,” said Steve Scheuring, age 52. “   I love the sport and wake up everyday and say thank you! What a cool way to make a living.
My goal is in the spring  to open my first six pack and it has been a successful winter. I have been racing my whole life, I love doing it and feel knowledgeable in the sport. It is a great sport to associated with because the industry is a family . If we truely need something
from somebody we can get it and they can take from us.”
   The snocross sport is as healthy as ever according to Steve Scheuring. “ You look at the parking lot here at Duluth  and it is completely full again. I think it is a smart move for ISOC not to go to Canterbury this year. The people from Canterbury are losing  because it
was a great event and I think they tried to capitalize on it a little too much and it back fired on them. I think Elko, MN will be just as good March 12 with nice warm weather, outdoor seating and lots of snow. I think that will be a great event,” said Steve Scheuring.
     The racing is a year round deal for the Steve Scheuring team. They do a lot of promotional events with all of their sponsors. They go to San Antonio, Texas a couple times a year for the Air Force, to Las Vegas for the Supercross for the Air Force and to  Indiana and
    Pro Rider Robbie Malinoski is ready for a good year on the team. “  So far so good with the Ski Doo sleds. We have had about three weeks of testing going on, are working hard and it has been fun. We are looking forward to Duluth. We need to set the bar there and see where we are at   and  what we need to work on, what we don’t need to work on  as much and go from there.  We have done testing and now it is time to race and see where everything stacks up,” said Robbie Malinoski. “  I am pumped to be here with Steve, the team,sponsors and the crew that we got.  The track looks good. We have to turn right but there are still 15 guys in
the finals  and you still have to win.”

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