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TBAT Trail Permits Up

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TBAT Trail Permits up This Season


by Scott A. Sumner


You are selling more permits this year?  

  “ This year we sold more permits than last year and the year before so it is trending up. We had a very successful ride with Teen Challenge with 115  registered rider on a day that was -30C. We sold 99 day passes to people that day who hadn’t been on the trails and some of those have already purchased permits this year.” said Adrian Tessier, Groomer Coordinator for the TBAT  for about the last 5 years who previously worked for the Ministry of Transportation.

   Also exciting news for the TBAT is new trails opening up.

   “ We are  going to open up more trails this year than last year and are in the process  of hooking up L107 to Silver Mountain and L110 to Gravel Lakes by building a trail of about 10 kilometers that runs between  the two  for another loop. We are also going to open up a trail on the Gold Creek Road we haven’t had open for a few years  due to logging,” said Tessier. “ People will start riding in Kakabeka. We would like to have a trail to the Neebing Roadhouse but we just don’t have the people  to do it. We are a very small group of 4 retired guys who help and some times we have a few more people.”    

  The TBAT have two groomers that are working well with four operators trained with two guys per groomer. They have about 300 kilometers which is about 60 hours of grooming for one round. There is one loop that takes 20 hours to do.

    “ The cold weather is helping as the swamps are starting to freeze up, the lakes are freezing and if the snow holds off for a few weeks it will be good.  The trails will be awesome this year.” smiles Tessier.   

 This year the TBAT will once again host the Teen Challenge ride  on the 28th of February. Also around February 8th there may be a diabetes ride.

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