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Team Amsoil Sweep Podium

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Team Amsoil Sweep Podium at 2012 ISOC Amsoil Duluth National


by Scott A. Sumner

Early on in the summer I received an email from the Amsoil Scheuring  Speedsports Snocross team that they had a new, Tim Tremblay. Tim had  just finished winning the ISOC Pro Open National Championship so you  had to feel a super team was in the making. Joining with long time  racer Robbie Malinoski who finished 3rd last year in the points and  Darren Mees who was 4th you have to believe this would be a  powerhouse team. The results at the 2012 Duluth opener proved this to  be true when the team of Robbie, Tim and Darren finished 1, 2 and 3  on Sunday after a first and third by Robbie and Tim on Sunday!


    I had an interesting interview with the three racers in their  team hauler just before the race action began at Duluth.


   “ The three of us mean we have as good a shot as anybody this  year. With the team and product we had last year and improvements  made we are sitting pretty good. At Duluth right here we are looking  for good things and if not we have to go back to the drawing  board.    You have to go out and prove ourselves again this year.”  said Robbie Malinoski.

   “  Last year was awesome for me winning the championship. In the  summer I moved to Drummondville near Montreal and did a lot of  motocross races and practice. I was in good shape all summer and  think it will be only good for me this year moving from the Foremost  team to Amsoil. We have better equipment and good team mates so it is  going to be good this year,” said Tim Tremblay, age 26.  “  When we  practice we are three riders and always pushing each other. It will  just make us better when we go out.

   “ Darren and I do fitness together and build off each other. The  number of years I have been doing this means fine tuning a few things  and coming in a little bit better.  I am 31 and it was a relatively  normal year for me. If you don’t have too many injuries, take care of  yourself and work hard you can be there as long as your mind wants  you to move forward. I feel good and healthy and having some younger  guys, Tim and Darren here, inspires me to work harder.” said Malinoski.

   “  When the gate drops we all want to win but I would rather have  a team mate win than say another brand. We all want to win and will  be a strong team,” said Tremblay who enjoys the Ski Doo sled. “   I  wanted to stay with Ski Doo. They are a great company from Quebec and  I am from there.   I hope to ride Ski Doo for the rest of my career  if they still want me and everything goes well.”


   “ The new Ski Doo sled has a different look with all the new  paneling so it looks cool. There is also some change in the front end  geometry so it is overall a little better by taking a good piece and  making it a little better. That is nice. I feel we have a dominant  product but are riding with expectation and pressure is harder.” said  Malinoski.


  “  I always feel nervous at the start of a race especially at the  first race of the year, but as soon as the gate drops I don’t feel  anything except for racing. I think being a little bit nervous makes  me better. To win you need to be in good shape, to have a good sled  and to be smart. It is a little bit of everything. You have to be in  top shape and racing all summer in motocross helps.” said Tremblay.


   “ Growing up my grand parents lived in New Hampshire and I always  rode sleds at their house. I gave racing a try one time at age 14 and  really liked it. Last year was my first year as a pro rider. Since I  have got on Steve’s team I have gotten better,” said Darren Mees, age  23 who is from Long Island, New York but now lives in North Branch,  MN.  Last year Darren finished 4th in the championship and was rookie  of the year.

“  I am the youngest guy on the team and not expected to win the  championship but do have two guys on the team to learn from. We all  operate out of this trailer. Life is good. This last summer I  dedicated myself to snowmobile racing, training and resting and think  this year will be a good year. I am so ready to start racing.”

   It will be fun to follow the progress of this super team this season!

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