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Team Olah Is In The Snocross Business Big Time

By Scott A.Sumner

     I"'ve been doing this for about six years now.  I'ts absolute craziness but it's been an adventure and we have a good template now and a world class facility that we just finished this year," says Brad Olah owner of Team Olah based in Fergus Falls MN.  "We have a 23,000 square foot complex for the riders complete with gymnasium, games room, living quarters,  production area, wash bays and a 16 acre test track.  To allow these guys to win you have to give them the tools to do so and hopefully they will get us on the podium each weekend."
     The outgoing Brad Olah was in the gambling business and invented slot machines for the casino industry.  "I retired from my first career when I was 35 and was crazy enough to get into this snocross business and  am just figuring it out now.  We are going to bring teams in to the facility if you are an Arctic Cat sponsored race team," says Olah.  "We have a world class trainer working with all our athletes, Lance Armstongs trainer.  Motocross star Chad Reid is also one of his big clients.  I have him working with all my guys on a daily basis.  It's expensive but paying off and we are seeing results on the weekends."
    "I love the sport and we have got it to where it is basically making a little money from sponsorship, especially Arctic Cat.  They have really given me the ability to create a facility and so now if you are an Arctic cat sponsored team you can come in and learn how to do all these things and you won't make all the mistakes I made,"
notes Olah.  "A lot of teams dont know how to raise sponsor dollars.  We'll teach you how to go to a small local Pizza Hut or a Fortune 500 company.  Well show riders how to do their diets, their training program, their riding regiment and train the crew chiefs.  For a membership fee they will have access to all the information.  The rider goes along as far as dad can afford it or gets good enough to go to a team that can afford it so there is this constant churn.  We want to educate the teams to be better operators.  I come from  a small town in Saskatchewan like where Morgan came from.  They riders there don't have the opportunity or money.  They have to really perform to get on to these teams.  They spend more money than they thought they would have to and they really get burned on the sport."
     "We are raising the bar in the sport.  I've learned in life if you learn something and teach people what you have learned so they can do a better job it helps the sport overall.  It is not about me or my teams," states Olah  "At our facility we can replicate this track like nothing so when the teams come we show them a real race application.  Two weeks ago we started on the track and we have been getting the facility tooled up for the last 9 months.  You can use ATVs, motorcycles or snowmobiles.  We don't care what the discipline is as we can create that same regimen for the whole program."  The colourful Brad Olah invited me done to tour his facility which is two hours south of Thief River Falls.  "I froze my head for you!"  was his parting joke.  I'm looking forward to the tour.

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