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The SEVENTY2™ Survival System

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The Seventy2 Survival System
Ever broken down or found yourself stuck in the snow? Christian Schauf started Uncharted Supply Company for the very intent of keeping people safe during unexpected situations.
In order to ensure his pack covered all the bases, founder Christian Schauf enlisted his expert friends: from medical professionals to special forces personnel to elite adventure athletes and asked them one simple question: “What would you want your family to have, if you weren’t there to protect them?” With everyone from the the city-dweller to families to the extreme adventurer in mind, Uncharted developed The Seventy2.

Uncharted Seventy2| $349.99

The Seventy2 is a complete, high-quality survival kit that features comprehensible directions and organization for each of the 35 items in the pack, giving even the most inexperienced the confidence that they can navigate an emergency. 
Uncharted Supply Company was founded by a community of adventurers and philanthropists. We've traveled the world and through these travels, we've learned that the world, while beautiful, is not always a safe place. Our goal is to build products and services to keep people safe and protected, and to educate families, friends and communities on personal preparedness. After all, what is good for one, is good for all. And we're all in this together.
Editors Note:
Recently I received this system and am totally impressed with the quality and depth of the products included. It would be a definate strong addition to your supplies when snowmobiling long distances in our harsh winter climate. It just may save your life. Well done!

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