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Thunder Bay Sled History

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Thunder Bay has Lots of Snowmobile History

by Scott A. Sumner
   Recently during the holiday season I spent some time organizing my files and came across some great reminders of the early days of snowmobiling in the Thunder Bay area. Many of you snowmobile addicts, like I am, will probably remember these events as well.

   The Thunder Bay waterfront has a lot of activity going on these days with the new Prince  Arthur’s Landing development opening. There is outdoor skating and some great artwork to look see. Many years ago I remember going to snowmobile races on the frozen waterfront. These races included the start of long distance events and even  included some dragster type high horsepower machines.
   In other areas near the city such as Murillo there were oval races quite regularly as well. I also vividly remember races I attended at the CLE grounds which were really quite big events. A list of entries
in the Molson’s Sno Pro 1985 reads like a who’s who of snowmobiling royalty like  Brad Hulings,  Jim Dimmerman,  Greg and Jeff Goodwin, Frans Rosenquist, Dave Wahl, Steve, Allen, Mike, Chuck and Audrey Decker, Dale Loritz and Bobby Donahue. They also held motorcycle races on ice similar to what we still see today in our area. Amazingly I met Audrey and Dick Decker in Thunder Bay last March when they came through on one of their snowmobile tours.  Also this past november I met the
son of the Goodwin who had a terrible motocross accident which has cut short his snocross career.
    Snowmobilers  carry on in the sport as long as they can it seems which is a good thing!

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