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Thunder Bay’s Animal Racing Suffer a Set Back But are Back On Track Again

by Scott A. Sumner
    Everything was going well for Dale Hupe and the Animal Racing Team inThunder Bay. They had raced well at the 2009 Duluth national Snocross and looking forward to a good season.

   “On January 17 we were getting ready to go to our second race when I had a heart attack in the garage at home getting ready to load the trailer. From January 17th to April 15th I had 4 more heart attacks and then triple bypass surgery which has allowed me to recover. By the time I could walk again the Snocross season was over,” said Dale Hupe. The team is now back on track and will run 5 women nationals this year with JC Hupe. They also have brought on Jake Jorgenson, age 17 in Sport 1 and 2 who runs an Arctic Cat 600 Sno Pro 2010 and is from  Holten,  Wisconsin east of the Twin Cities.
  “We have known each other for 4 years now. It helps with the expenses and allows for people to do the work when it has to be done and can dedicate time to it. The whole team makes the racer,” said Dale Hupe. “Many teams are pushing always for the best equipment but the racer may not use 100% of the sled. You are better off giving them the support, what they need on the sled and let them do their thing. You don’t need 100Hp if they only use
50. Everyone seems to be pushing for a win or placement or series point’s championship. We don't do that, we push to have fun.”

Jake Jorgenson came in fourth in his lst race. “There were a couple of really good racers out there. I tried my best and ended up fourth. I got tired at the end and  know now what I have to work on. Last year we had a big fire at home in our shop so I couldn't race much at all. It is great to be out again,” said Jorgenson. “Everyone on this team is super friendly and we all get along awesome. I will do the 5 ISOC Nationals and some regional races this year. The track was awesome. They changed the start line to improve it and smoothed the
    Throughout the season Jake will travel to Thunder Bay to the Animal Racing test track for practice sessions.

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