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Togwotee Adventures offers ideal way to see Jackson Hole in winter: Snowmobiling

by Scott A. Sumner 

   When you talk about snowmobiling the name Jackson Hole Wyoming comes up quickly as an iconic destination in the sport. Once a year they host the world renowned Jackson Hole Hillclimb event  but the area also provides some of the best snowmobiling you will ever find on the planet.


    Incredible scenery, pristine snow, and the adrenaline-surging speed, power and grace of a high-powered snowmobile as it whisks you through the white powder makes snowmobiling in Jackson Hole, WY this time of year ideal.

     Northwest Wyoming is known as one of the world's top snowmobile destinations. Bridger-Teton National Forest offers 2.5 million acres of varied mountain terrain and 600 miles of groomed snowmobile trails.  The crown jewel of off-road roaming in Jackson Hole is Togwotee Adventures, a rider’s nirvana, beginner or veteran. Stunning views of the majestic Teton Mountain Range surround riders through this adrenaline rush experience.

    “  I was going to come here for 1 summer 11 years ago and have never left. This place should come with a warning symbol, that’s why they call it the hole. It is a beautiful place,” said Jodie Schaap, Snowmobile Operations Director for Togwotee Adventures, Jackson Hole Wyoming. “ There are only two ways in and out and the airport is  located in a national park, Grand Teton. You fly in right next to the Tetons which is very spectacular. This morning I woke up, looked out my window and there was a moose 20 yards away!”  


   You can ride snowmobiles in this area with many different experience levels according to Jodie.    “ We get guests with varying experience. It can be from someone who has never been on a snowmobile before, with our operation based in Jackson, and at the  end of the day they have the biggest smiles on their face.  At the Togwotee Lodge operation  it is a mecca  for snowmobilers where we get sledders from Minnesota, South Dakota and Iowa that come out to ride mountains.  My husband guides there and has been coming here from Minnesota since he was 11 years old and now has been guiding for 11 years. He  gets people who never see a trail and do back country boon docking all day.  We range from beginners for pros.”   

   Togwotee Adventures offer new sleds from Ski Doo, Polaris and Arctic Cat in 600 and 800 mountain versions.  They rotate their fleet every year with  1/3 to 2/3 changeover to offer the best technology.  The  mountain sleds of today have been advancing so much each year and  are new and exciting.

   “ We  can bring you riding to the Continental Divide with over 400 miles of groomed trails and a riding area larger than the state of Delaware  at  2.5 million acres. There are animal areas as well as natural hot springs. People want to see many different things. We  can get the bison experience on the wildlife tour with elk as well.”  

  Getting to Jackson Hole means you can fly into Jackson airport which is nice and convenient. The flights generally connect at Denver or Salt Lake City.  Togwotee will pick people up at the airport and it is 40 minutes to their lodge and 15 minutes to the town of Jackson.

   “ There are many different riding packages on our web site. There is so much to see and many many different areas that are new. Jackson has so much to offer outside of snowmobiling as well. We have the Hillclimb Championships here each year which is like the Nascar of snowmobiling. People come from all over the world to compete.” said Jodie. “ 85% of our  guests are return because Jackson Hole offers the best location, best riding and the elevation means best snow. I have ridden snowmobiles here on July 4th. You are usually riding at elevation of 8600 to 10,000 feet. We get snow early and it stays late. The Tetons are beautiful. We have had 232 inches this season with 95 inches of snow on the ground right now.”




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