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Tucker Hibbert Prepares

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Tucker Hibbert Prepares For Full Season

by Scott A. Sumner
    The  snocross season has begun at the traditional Duluth Thanksgiving weekend with lots of snow on the ground and excitement in the air.  “ Yes it pretty exciting to be at Duluth finally and getting the series started. Racing this season will be a little different than what we have done in the past but I am pretty excited about it and ready to go,” said Tucker Hibbert. “  I tweaked my knee at the beginning of the summer and that kind of wrecked my plans for the
motocross season. It was bummer but we got through it and are ready to go for this winter. Through the summer I was doing rehab on my knee. I had surgery to fix some minor damage, very minor surgery to get some things cleaned up so it would be 100%. I did a lot of cycling and strength training, my regular program. I  just wasn’t able to ride motorcycles as much.”
   At the end of last season Tucker Hibbert won the World Championship of Snocross in Sweden. “ It was exciting to go to Sweden. Racing there was different, a challenge to be prepared and to adjust to everything that was different. It went really well and I was excited at the end of the deal with the World Championship. The competition there was good. It was a few guys from America and I had raced against a few Swedish riders before,” said Tucker Hibbert. “ We were able to go on a  trail ride after the event. It was fun perfect conditions and we had good sleds to ride. It was a lotta fun.”
    The  2011 Arctic Cat SnoPro 600  is  a sled with few changes this year. “ Arctic Cat didn’t change a lot on the SnoPro 600. It is basically the same as last year with some minor adjustments including a new track which will help us a lot on the start. We did a lot of
testing and what we learned put into production this year. Overall the sled is basically the same,” said Tucker Hibbert. “ The mod sled is similar also. We have  few things going with our motors. Overall we have have a really strong package with the Arctic Cats.”
    Last season  Tucker Hibbert  won all the races  he entered except the Pro Open in Utah. “ That was the only bummer. I couldn’t really get comfortable on that race track and had a small bobble in the corner and that kind of messed it up for me but other that that everything went really well,”said Tucker Hibbert. “ It will be a good series this year. I am excited about the couple of new venues and doing the full series should be fun. I have been getting lots of testing in, lots of seat time and getting the sleds ready. We went out west and did a lot of
riding at altitude and then at the Christian Brothers track this week.”
    The Tucker Hibbert Race Team is a diverse team. Kirk Hibbert is leading the team in the mechanical area and development, chassis tuning and engine building. There is also Paul Englested, Rob Dahlin, Fred Olsen, Jeff Tweet, Mandy Hibbert, Kevin the truck driver and Steve Houle does the motor tuning and clutching. “It’s a big operation and takes a lot of work to get the snowmobiles ready for racing as well as the truck and gear ready. It takes a good group of guys who know how to work hard together. They all have there specialities,” said Tucker Hibbert. “ The sport has gotten a lot bigger and takes a lot effort to be competitive. There is a lot of work done back at the shop that people don’t see but we get it done. To do what we do takes a lot of support from sponsors, the manufacturers and all the crew. Monster Energy and Arctic Cat are main sponsors and we have a new sponsor this
year, X Squad which is  a marketing brand which sell men's care products like shampoos and body wash. We are happy to be able to bring new sponsors to the sport and continue to build with our long term sponsors.”
     After such a dominant year last year what is Tucker Hibbert  expecting this year?
“ This a new year. You learn from what you did in seasons past. You come in with an open mind just being prepared and ready to go and I’m expecting more  of same. I come to these races prepared to win and that is our goal as a team. Whatever happens we will be prepared. Win or lose we will continue to push on  and this year we are fighting for championships so it is important we maintain consistency.” said Tucker Hibbert

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