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Valcourt Racer Wins

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Valcourt Racer Wins Rock Maple Series

By Scott A. Sumner
      Dany Poirier, age 24, is from Valcourt, Quebec and started snowmobiling at age 4.  "I started snowmobile racing 4 years ago in SCM racing, a circuit in Quebec.'  says Poirier who switched to the Rock Maple Series in the US for the last two years.
       "I will race about 4 WSA events this season including Duluth, the X games in Colorado, Valcourt and Vernon in Syracuse, New York."  notes Poirier.  The Pro Stock and Pro Mod class racer is sponsored by Ski Doo, the Grand Prix du Valcourt, Big Bill work clothes, NSK bearing,  Woodys traction and Cycle Works.  "I am alone as a racer but have a mechanic.  Cycle Works have a 53 foot trailer because of the sale of parts at the site for Ski Doo and I bring my 24 foot trailer as well."  smiles Poirier.  "My first race this year will be at Rouyn Noranda, a CSRA event."  Poirier works all summer as a mechanic at a sawmill.  He will take off Fridays during the winter race period.
     Dany Poirier qualified for the X games last year, but crashed and finished last, not making the final.  In the Rock Maple league Dany was champion in Pro 600, Pro Open and second in Pro 440 and thus won the overall title.  "I love snocross.  When I was young I went to school and saw a picture of the grand prix with the ice oval.  I wanted to race ice oval but I do motocross in the summer so I ended up in snocross."  noted Poirier.  Two years ago Poirier broke his knee in snocross and didn't race for 7 or 8 months.
  The young racer participates in about 10 motocross races in the summer.  He trains about three times a week-running, weight lifting, bicycling and riding dirt bike.  "I hate the gym and like it outside better.  I think 50% of the racer is what shape you are in.  If you are in shape you have a big advantage,' states Poirier.  My goal is to win including a WSA final.  It is hard but I try all the time to win.  If I race with the better guys it is better.  This year Ski Doo built me a real Mod sled which should be good."
  Poirier and his girlfriend of 6 years are having a baby due January 1, 2005.  "She is a great supporter.  It is rare to see a women loving snowmobile racing so much."  smiles Poirier.

Editors Note
Dany made the 25 hour trip to Duluth with his team.  His start to the season was a good one on the CSRA circuit where he won Pro Stock and Open at Rouyn.  He was less sucessful at Duluth not making the finals.  Right after I did talk to Dany on the line he went out and won his Pro Open heat so his talent wa shown to the mass audience at Duluth.

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