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Winnipeg Based Boss Racing Carrys On

by Scott A. Sumner
The Boss Racing team was looking forward to an excitipeg ing year with Pro Riders Robbie Malinoski and newly signed snocross icon Blair Morgan. Unfortunately Morgan had a severe motocross accident at the Montreal Supercross which has ended his racing career. That was a tragedy for Blair and his family. Us as a team we can survive but for Blair it is terrible. It is unbelievable. It can happen to anybody, the best or a novice. It is an unfortunate mistake or accident. I guess you have to be prepared if it happens. Blair is moving on and I am proud of him. I think he will be back in the sport. He is the number 1 of all time, said Gary Querel owner of Boss Racing who raced snowmobiles in the past himself and now owns one of the snocross sports super teams.
  I started snowmobiling in the early 90s and raced in many disciplines including the oval race Sno Po circuit. At the beginning Querel raced with the famous Gilles Villeneuve, F1 champion who came in his red bus and spanked everyone. I took a few years off and then came back before going heavy mod ice dragging with a successful run. A couple of my oval and drag racer friends made the jump into snocross and I looked at it and said this is fun and I want to get in. I got a ride with Tom Rage and Polaris and hired Earl Reiner in 2004 said Querel. I signed Robbie Malinoski in 2006 and went Yamaha running their factory team. We were the first to win on a four stroke. Yamaha went with their own team and we went to Ski Doo. Snocross is where all the money and promotion is spent and this is where we want to be. These big teams have haulers worth $500,000 and budgets of $750,000. It is a business. The investment is high and the stakes are higher for both us,the manufacturers and the sponsors.
I am really excited about ISOC. Everyone in the sport has a new spark. They are bringing in new stuff to the table and it is exciting for the fans. said Querel. Gary Querel also owns a autobody repair shop in Winnipeg, that is very busy.
Returning for his third year with Boss racing is past series Champion Robbie Malinoski. Malinoski was the first racer to win a National event on a 4 stroke sled. He also won last years Brainerd Open class for the only Ski Doo win of the season. The new Ski Doo race sled last year had a few quarks but we worked through them and it showed when we won at Brainerd. I think we now have a real competitive sled. We all worked hard to get better last year, said Malinoski. This years sled is similar to last years but we have a different seat and new running boards. They also changed some of the angles of the skid frame and suspension- all little stuff that makes a big difference. Last spring we did testing in Quebec and have had some time on a wood chip course this fall. It was a fresh start coming here to Boss. It was a young team, not well known but had a lot of potential. It is nice to work with a group of guys that are committed to winning.
Malinoski is very sad about the accident of Blair Morgan as many others in the sport. He was signed to race this season with Boss racing and to be a team mate with me. I was really looking forward to that being friends and growing up a hour a way from Blair in Saskatchewan. We always kind of joked about being on the same team and for this to happen to Blair is a bummer, said Malinoski. I have talked to Blair and he is doing well, focused on his recovery and getting on with the next stage of his life.He will not just sit around and is far ahead on his recovery.
Robbie Malinoski  trains all summer in the gym at Acceleration North with Kirk Cobel at St Paul, MN. I got myself in god shape and feel I have been smarter at getting ready this year.The goal is to win some Nationals and be in the hunt for a championship. You can tell ISOC is hungry and want to make this an organization that is around for a long time, said Malinoski. The whole Pro class is good and real competitive. Tucker is good and the Polaris guys are strong. We hope to do well for Ski doo and ourselves. You have to control your feelings and actions because you can put yourself in a world of hurt out there real quick. You are racing and sometimes things happen.

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