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All-New Sidewinder With Genesis 998 Turbo Rises to the Top of the 800 Class, VK540 Makes Triumphant Return.

March 1, 2016 (Toronto, ON) - Yamaha has drastically increased the performance level for 2017 with the introduction of the all-new Sidewinder series of snowmobiles, featuring the Genesis 998 Turbo, an engineering work of art, along with the return of the legendary, but completely overhauled VK540.


The Sidewinder takes the lead as Yamaha’s new flagship snowmobile, and will be available in different variations for R-TX, L-TX, S-TX, X-TX, M-TX and an all-new sub category, the B-TX series. The B-TX series is for low elevation boondockers who want a 153” track length and a narrower ski-stance than traditional deep snow models, but with the sea-level clutching and moderate lug height to tackle the trails when required.


At the heart of the Sidewinder is the diabolical all new Genesis 998T which has made the Sidewinder the new production snowmobile HP king. The turbo comes factory-installed from Yamaha’s facilities in Japan and delivers top of the class performance with the reliability customers have come to expect from Yamaha.

The 998T features a host of new technologies and quality design techniques, including triple throttle body intakes to reduce and virtually eliminate lag. The 998T is the first production turbo to employ triple throttle bodies, including those turbos used in the automotive industry. Be sure to watch Yamaha’s engine animation on to fully appreciate the engineering behind this piece.

Each Sidewinder comes with a myriad of track, suspension and other options to ensure there’s a fit for the varied riding styles and preferences of today’s demanding customers.


Also released is the workhorse Yamaha VK540. Featuring a dual electric heated, flat–slide carburetor for better starting and fuel economy. When combined with the larger fuel tank, the VK540 has nearly double the fuel range of its predecessor. Also revised is the body styling for decreased snow accumulation and ingestion, LED taillight, dual bulb headlight, 400 Watt magneto output, larger rear rack, heightened seating position and wider skis for better off-trail use in conjunction with the 1.5” lug track.


Every part of the VK540 has been built, tested and proven in some of the world’s most frigid conditions, making it the ideal snowmobile for those who make their living off the land, or want Yamaha’s reputation for trusted reliability in unforgiving climates. Watch the VK540 videos on Yamaha’s 2017 snowmobile launch page or the model page of the VK540 to see how this snowmobile is part of the fabric of the North.

Yamaha’s 2017 lineup is the largest and most expansive it’s ever been, and with the additions of this year’s models, they are signaling to the industry that Yamaha is here to Conquer Snow.

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