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Yamaha New Lineup

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Yamaha Has An Exciting New Line Up of 4 Strokes

By Scott A. Sumner
    "The 2006 Yamaha's have an all new engine, a new chassis, lighter weights, a radical new design and appearance all across the board,' states Cam Brownlee, sales manager from North Country Cycle & Sports, Thunder Bay.  "The Genesis 1000 engine is now EFI with 5 more horsepower.  Before it was carbeurated similar to the Yamaha R1 motorcycle that went from carbeurators to EFI.  It is a four stroke so it is efficient to begin with but will get some easier starting, more throttle response and even power."  The RX 1 has evolved into the new Apex and Attack sleds so there is no more RX1 in the lineup.  There are also three cylinder 4 stroke engines in the Rage and Vector models as well as reduced weights as compared to the original RX 1 sleds.  Yamaha has  also come out with more shock packages to fit the riding style of different snowmobilers.
      Whats makes Yamaha a special snowmobile?  "Fit , finish and quality.  The guys who have them, love them, They are never left on the trail, are so reliable and fuel efficient.  The mechanics like the way parts fit back together so well, you dont have to scrounge to make things fit.  It's Japanese engineering,' smiles Brownlee.  "Price wise in the high cc line up is competitive with the programs, financing, extra warranty - Yama bucks etc.  You can choose in  categories like shocks, electric start and reverse.  You have to look at what you are getting for what you are spending."  The season is looking good for North Country Cycle & Sports with a lot of high horsepower sleds sold and snow checks were up.  "The diehards know what they want and what they are doing this season,' notes Brownlee.
       "You have to go pretty low in the line up to get to a 2 stroke engine.  Even the new V class has a 4 stroke engine.  When we pull out one of the owners manuals and it says check your valves at 25,000 Km, who puts that many on a sled?  You will be replacing the chassis before engines and that is a reversal of the past.  It is cheaper to run a four stroke throughout the season as well,' states Brownlee.  "You have your oil change at the end of the year and  are good for the whole next season, depending on your mileage.  You dont have to buy injection oil which can cost $50 a jug.  The 2006 Yamaha sleds will handle better, accelerate more and have higher top end speed."

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